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Español I

Señorita Franks

Tentative syllabus for the 2004-2005


If you need extra help or would like to talk with me, I’m available to meet with you before and after school, as well as during homebase.


Spanish 1 is a high school level coarse, following the same text and covering the same material as Downers Grove North High School.  The focus will be on correct pronunciation and comprehension of key vocabulary, and proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and communicating at the beginning level.  In addition to this, students will explore common Spanish cultural customs.  All of this will be accomplished via creative, engaging lessons; small group and pairs activities; videos; games; music; computer and Internet activities; projects; exposure to authentic cultural artifacts; etc. 


¡En Español!  By Patricia Hamilton Carlin, Estella Gahala, Audrey L. Heining-Boynton, Richard Otheguy, and Barbara J. Rupert.  Published by McDougal Littell.  Copyright 2000.  Workbooks, c.d’s, and Internet software that follow this text will also be used as supplementary materials.

Course Materials:

In addition to your covered textbook, workbook, and homework.  You should bring the following to class daily.

w        Pen or Pencil

w        Colored pen or pencil for grading

w        11/2 inch 3 ring binder with 6 dividers

w        Spiral note book

w        Loose leaf paper

w        1 two pocket folder

w        Several packages of any size index cards (lined or unlined)

w        1 clean, old sock

w        1 white board marker (any color)

Grading Scale:

90 – 100 = A

80 – 89 = B

70 – 79 = C

60 – 69 = D

Below 60 = F


Homework will be assigned most nights and will serve to reinforce and enhance in-class work and study.  Frequently, it will extend into the lessons of the next class period.  Homework is to be turned in at the beginning of the class period, on the day that it is due.  If it is turned in any time after this, it will be considered late.  All late work will be graded for half of its valued credit.  Habitual late or missing assignments will result in a phone call home.   

Make-up work: 

When students are absent, they have two days, for everyday that they miss, to complete their make up work.  For example, if a student misses two days of school he/she will have four days to complete missed work.  If it is not turned in within this time frame, it is late and will be graded for half credit.  It is the responsibility of absent students to talk with me, or a classmate, about what they missed.  We do many things in class that are difficult or even impossible to “rerun.”  If possible, when you are absent, call your “buddy” that evening to find out what we did in class, so that you will be prepared when you return.  I will be available for you to discuss make-up work before school, after school, and during homebase.  It is CRUCIAL that you talk with me, as soon as possible, if you have ANY questions!!!

Band, Choir, Seminars, Other Extra Curricular Absences:

If a student is going to miss class to due extra curricular activities, he/she MUST report to class before going to the activity.  This will ensure that students have the opportunity to turn in homework and get the next day’s assignments.  Involvement in extra curricular activities DOES NOT excuse students from turning in homework on the day that it is due or from getting future assignments.   


Testing is done similarly to that of Downers Grove North.  Students will take a quiz over vocabulary and some concepts covered during each etapa (chapter), and tests will be administered at the end of each etapa.  In addition to these chapter tests and quizzes, students will take a mid-term and a final, as students at Downers Grove North do.  These are taken during our second and third trimesters respectively.  In addition to the written components, all tests, including the mid-term and final, contain listening and oral sections.  If you should be absent for a test or a quiz.  Be responsible by arranging to make it up in a timely fashion.  You can see me before school, during homebase, or after school to make such arrangements (Please don’t wait until class time to see me.).      

Weekly Logs:

Each week students will be expected to spend a designated amount of time outside of class doing Spanish related activities, in which they can make use of the skills and concepts they are learning in class.  Such activities include, but are not limited to, watching Spanish TV or movies, listening to Spanish music, doing Spanish Internet activities, reading basic articles or books in Spanish, etc.  They may choose to fulfill their time requirement with just one activity or with several different activities.  The designated amount of time students need to spend engaged in such activities will start out, at the beginning of the year, with just a few minutes each week and will work up to 30 minutes, by the end of the year.  On some occasions, I will give students specific requirements as to what they need to do to fulfill their weekly time obligation, and on other occasions, I will allow them to choose the activities they engage in.  Students will record the amount of time they spend doing these activities in a weekly log that needs to be initialed by a parent/guardian or other observer.  This assignment will be discussed in further detail as the time of its initiation approaches.


Students will receive three daily participation points for being in class and ready to being when the bell rings (in their seats, with their homework out and all necessary class materials).  In order to receive the full, three daily points, students must also actively participate in all class activities and abide by all class and school rules.  You should be physically and mentally prepared when you arrive.  Make sure you have gone over what we did in class the day before.  Take 15 to 30 minutes (in addition to homework) to review every night.  Participation points will not count against students who have excused absences.

Extra Credit:

Throughout the year, extra credit opportunities will be available to all students who have turned in all of their regular assignments and have completed all of the regular classroom requirements. 

What you can do at Home:

w        Students are encouraged to share what they are learning in class with others at home: they should be discussing class activities and assignments with their families and friends; they may create flashcards and review them with their family members; and, if possible, they should try to teach what they are learning to others at home.  Students have truly grasped a concept if they are able to teach it to someone else.

w        Students are encouraged to be exposed to as much Spanish outside of class as possible: i.e. watching Spanish T.V., listening to Spanish radio, visiting Spanish educational web sites, dinning at Spanish/Mexican restaurants, experiencing other cultural events that might present themselves, etc.

Foreign Language and Culture Club:

All students are invited to attend Foreign Language and Culture Club, which meets every Monday after school, from 3:15 to 4:00, in room 210.  It an excellent supplement to our foreign language classes, as well as an opportunity to experience different countries, via engaging-hands on activities, games, crafts, conversations, videos, dances, food, etc.  Students also learn about their own heritage and share their cultures, with members and their families, at our annual Ethnic Celebration.  Additionally, we conduct several community service projects, such as making multilanguage greeting cards for residents of a local nursing home.  Finally, in the Spring, members plan and teach a Spanish or French lesson to students at Pierce Downer Elementary School.  Our first meeting is September 13th.            

Rules and Expectations:

G Respect each other, myself, our school, and yourselves.

G  Speak one at a time, raising your hands and waiting for permission to speak.  When speaking, use an appropriate voice and language.

G  Follow directions the first time they are given.

G  Be honest and take responsibility for yourselves and your actions.

G  Pay attention in class.

G  Make an honest effort to achieve, to the best of your ability, by coming to class on time every day with necessary materials for daily tasks; by participating in all class activities; and by using the skills acquired in class as much as is feasibly possible. 

G  Follow all other Herrick Middle school rules. 


1: Verbal warning

2:  Note home to parents (guardians)

3:  Before/after school detention

4:  Referral to the office

Note:  Certain inappropriate behaviors: swearing, insubordination, racial slurs, back talking, etc. warrant immediate removal from class to the office.

We have read and agree to follow all of Señorita Franks’ expectations for Spanish I.           

Student Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _______________

Parent Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: _______________