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Subject Pronouns:

            Singular                                                                                 Plural

Yo                    I                                                           Nosotros/nosotras            we       

                    you (familiar)                                        Vosotros/vosotras            you (all-fam/informal)

Usted (Ud.)            you (formal)                                   Ustedes (Uds.)            you (all–formal)

Él                     he                                                         Ellos                            they

Ella                  she                                                       Ellas                            they


= Masculine plural form is used to refer to a group of males, as well as to a group of males and females.

            Ejemplo:  Ellos = They (all males; males and females)

                             Ellas = They (all females)

=refers to children, close friends or members of your family.

= Usted / Ustedes (Ud. / Uds.) is used to show respect and refers to people whom the speaker has a more formal or distant relationship. 

= Vosotros / vosotras is informal or familiar and is used to refer to close friends and family members.

= Subject pronouns are not used as frequently in Spanish as they are in English and may usually be omitted.  This is because in Spanish verb endings indicate the person. 

Ejemplo: comemos, ending in –mos, can only mean we eat.