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-- Use flashcards to help you recognize words. THIS IS NOT A GOOD DRILL FOR SPELLING!

--Write the Spanish/French on one side and the English on the other.

--Write the words that are odd in a different color to help you remember them…(accents, stem-changers, “el día”, etc.)


--Always go English to Spanish/French…

--For every 3 times you do your flashcards English to Spanish/French…do them 1 time Spanish/French to English.

--DO NOT take the time to type your words into the computer as a written drill…it is NOT effective and is A WASTE OF TIME!


The key to spelling correctly is writing your words out several's a drill!

Use these steps:

--Write your vocabulary words out SEVERAL times each.

--Make a “quiz” in English – you fill in the Spanish/French without using notes.  Always pay attention to details (accents, articles, etc.)

--Check your answers.

--REWRITE the ones you missed SEVERAL times, again…

--Retake a “quiz” of the ones you missed…and repeat.

--Slowly mix the trouble words back in with the one's you know well, and retake your quiz!