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French I

Mme Hoffmeyer



Herrick MS


Bienvenue à la classe de Français!

We are going to have an exciting year learning French!  In order for you to successfully learn this wonderful language, we must practice and prepare. Please follow these guidelines:

1. Be here!  We do many things in class that are difficult or even impossible to “rerun.” If you are absent, call your “buddy” that evening to find out what we did in class so that you will be prepared when you return. Plan to make up work within 2 days for each day missed. If it is not turned in within this time frame, it will be late and given half credit.

2. Be on time!  Be in your seat with homework on your desk when the bell rings.  Homework not completed by the beginning of class will be considered late, and given half credit.

3. Be physically and mentally prepared. Make sure that you have all of your materials. Make sure you have gone over what we did in class the day before. Take 15-20 minutes every night to review what we have done in class, even if you don’t have a specific written assignment . . . . . however, written homework will be given most nights.

4. Be courteous!  Treat your classmates and teacher with respect. Follow directions.  Listen carefully when someone in speaking. Raise your hand to speak and try to contribute in a positive way. Help your classmates learn without distraction.

5. Participate!  Education is not a spectator sport. I would much rather have you try and give a wrong answer, than not make an effort. We can learn from mistakes, but we get nothing from nothing. (Besides, it’s part of your grade!)

6. Ask for help if you need it!  I will be glad to help you during Homebase or after school. Please let me know during class that you plan to come for help, or leave a note on my desk in the a.m.

7. Take care of routine things before or after class!  If you are sharpening a pencil or going to the restroom, you are not learning French. We have to use every minute we can for French, because our class periods are 8 minutes shorter than the high school’s.

8. Be responsible!  If you miss a lesson, quiz, test or presentation, you need to see me during Homebase (best time) or before or after class, to show me completed work for credit from day(s) missed, and arrange to make up missed work. 

9. Take pride in your school!  Follow all Herrick rules. Take care of your books and your classroom.  If you damage your book or desk, we will follow the school policy on fines.

Mme Hoffmeyer’s schedule:    Period 5 - Homebase – help/makeup work in room 219

                                             Period 6 – Foreign Language Exploratory – Room 219

                                             Period 7 – French – Room 202

Mme H is not at school in the morning.

Please bring to class every day:

a)      textbook, Discovering French (covered)

b)      activity workbook                                    

c)      three-ring binder with paper and dividers

d)      2 pocket folder

e)      pen with blue or black ink, or pencil

f)       red or different color pen for correcting

g)      assignment notebook

h)      completed assignment

i)        one clean old sock             sock and marker will be kept in classroom

j)        one dry erase marker

*Index cards can be used at home to make vocabulary flashcards

Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.  Respect your classmates, your classroom, your teacher, and yourself!  Follow all school rules.

Consequences for behavior infractions will be:

First incidence - warning

Second incidence - note home for parent signature, returned following day

Third incidence - phone call to parent and  40 minute detention

Fourth incidence - referral to assistant principal

For inappropriate behaviors such as swearing, insubordination, or fighting, the student will immediately be sent to the office.

Academic integrity is expected at all times.  Homework is given to practice and reinforce what was learned in class.  Working on an assignment with a classmate is fine provided that both students contribute.  Do not copy or allow your work to be copied.  Neither student will receive credit for the assignment if it is copied.  Cheating on a quiz or test will result in a “0” and a call to parent.


            A  90-100                                            Grades will not be “rounded up”

            B  80-89

            C  70-79                                              Extra credit is not offered on a

            D  60-69                                                             regular basis

            F  59 & under

Students should always try to do their best.  Students will receive points for homework completion, which we then check together in class.  Some homework will be turned in to be graded.  Assignments also include weekly lab practice and occasional on line activities.  Late work will be given half credit (unless with a parent note explaining unusual circumstances). There will be chapter quizzes and unit tests that cover four chapters).  Students may retake one quiz and/or one unit test per trimester with justifiable cause.  Retakes will not be given during the last week of the trimester.  Retakes should NOT be used as a replacement for studying and doing one’s best the first time the test or quiz is given.  Trimester grades will be based on Homework, Participation, Tests, Quizzes, and Projects.  Students will also take a mid-term exam in January and a final exam at the end of the year, as the Downers North students do.

Absence due to Extracurricular activities:  Students must report to class before going to band, seminar, etc. to turn in the day’s homework and to get that night’s assignment.

FYI:   All Herrick students are invited to join the Foreign Languages and Cultures Club, which meets on Mondays after school from 3:15 to 4:00 in Room 104.  We explore the languages and customs of various countries through activities, games, crafts, videos, and foods.  Students may also learn more about their own ethnic background.  We do a service project, making holiday greeting cards in different languages for nursing home residents.  In the spring, club members plan and teach a French or Spanish language lesson to students at Pierce Downer school.  Come join the fun!  (This is not a requirement of French I.)